Friday, July 24, 2015

Hereford's a Haven

Dreaming is fast becoming a favourite pastime. Not the dreaming of future achievement or events, just the plain old night time dreaming. Movies of the mind which play at full-speed in the wee, small, and dark hours. Though I personally fight a constant battle to remember even still images of these very random stories and moments, I do know they're fuelled in their depth of plot by red wine and sleeping in different locations. 21 Coton Hill in Shrewsbury is just about as 'different' a property I've ever stayed the night in. A wooden framed English cottage built in 1550, and both painstakingly and lovingly restored by Donatella, an Italian illustrator of Sicilian and Danish descent. Such is the international charm of a last minute Air BnB reservation. Not content with unknowingly and inadvertently aiding some bizarre dreams to my fantastic nights sleep, Donatella was also kind enough to provide breakfast for Emily, myself, and Em's parents. 'Marge & Old bean' arrived for some cereal, toast, coffee, juice, and scrambled eggs, before Marge took our luggage, and our pedalling due was treated to a special guest in Em's dad.

At a predicted 92km, a lighter day in the saddle, but one which included some taxing climbs. Even if I do state so myself, we all performed admirably as we overcame such burdens as a second puncture for Em, and heavy legs all-round. Slightly later than expected we rocked up in Ledbury for a coffee, cake, and lunch stop. Curiously, in that exact order.

Fuelled by a non-conformist lunch stop, our bloated middles were transported by our piston-like thighs through such towns which could only be found alongside English B roads, tantalising the mind with names such as; Munslow, Diddlebury, Culmington, Richards Castle, Luston, Hope-under-Dinsmore, and finally, after stops for ale and laying in the grass, Moreton-on-Lugg. Cycling with another person provided a much-needed lift to morale, and a change of scenery for the consciousness, and paved the way for a well-timed 'rest day' in Em's hometown of Hereford. After Thursday's late breakfast, arrival and dinner time were all pushed back to beyond bed time, so Friday has become a wonderful time to sit. The weather outside is grey and wet, and shows no sign of changing anytime this millennia. So far, we've only left the house to visit Em's grandparents, and buy tea and biscuits from Waitrose to go with the Guardian.

We're waiting for the weather to return to sometime yesterday morning...

Daily Numbers:

92.7km's completed (1114.7km's running total)
4:24hrs moving time
21km/h average speed
59.8km/h top speed
816m climbed
1971 calories burned & replenished
1 special guest

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